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History of Rejoice

Rejoice Lutheran Church began through the strong faith and hard work of Pastor Ken Hovland. When Pastor Hovland came to Coppell in 1989, he introduced himself to the community by going door to door and inviting people to worship. As a result, our first worship service was held at Lee Elementary School on April 22, 1990.

Over the next two years our congregation grew and new church programs and ministries were developed. In 1992, Rejoice was formally received into the ELCA, and Pastor Hovland was officially installed by Bishop Mark Herbener. With this firm foundation and continued growth, our congregation envisioned a church building. This vision became reality on April 24, 1996, when the first worship service was held at our present site.

We continue to strengthen in faith, develop new ministries, and grow our membership through the past leadership of Pastor Phil Geleske and Pastor Ernie Hinojosa. We warmly welcome everyone to visit our congregation for worship, education, fellowship and service.

About Our Building

Rejoice is located at 532 E. Sandy Lake Road, a main thoroughfare in Coppell, Texas. Completed in 1996 under the design and direction of Rejoice member Tom Lund, the building is constructed of natural materials.

Call to Discipleship

The backdrop to our altar is a glass window with a panoramic view to the outside, symbolizing our commitment to share God’s word and God’s love in the world. We are sent to be an evangelizing church. The heart of discipleship is living in and for Christ in our church and our community.

The Empty Cross

Christ’s victory over sin and death is signified throughout the church by the empty cross. A 25-foot cross marks the main entrance, and more than 15 empty crosses adorn the sanctuary. The cross reminds us that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross and his new life, and we trust that God’s Spirit is active in the world.

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