Middle School

(Grades 6 though 8)

Our Confirmation is also called Faith Ink (short for Faith Inkubators) the learning style we use as we share our faith with Middle School Youth (grades 6-8).  During this three year journey toward their Affirmation of Baptism, they spend time in service, fellowship and worship together, discovering  how to truly live our faith in three dimensions … up, in and out.

Two Sundays a month we meet in the Sanctuary at 9:30 am for what we call our Themed Event.  This is a high-energy setting where our 6th-8th graders explore the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Apostle’s Creed, and the New and Old Testaments through games, skits, and object lessons.

Two Sundays a month are set aside for Fun and Fellowship or for Service Projects.  Teams of parents help organize these activities for our Middle School Youth.

We Form Friendships in Confirmation:

  • Wait a minute, what is this thing you call Confirmation?
  • They didn’t have that at my church growing up!!
  • This doesn’t sound like the kind of Confirmation I went through in Middle School!!
  • Does my Middle School student HAVE to attend Confirmation?

For questions like these … and many others … we also have a family introduction to the Stepping Stone of Faith at Rejoice we call Confirmation.  Pastor Todd is available to meet with every middle school student and their family to talk through all of the opportunities available to you through our Confirmation/Faith Ink program … Themed Events, Service Events, Fellowship Events, Retreats, Summer Camps, and Service Trips.  We also talk about the Faith Five in more detail, a simple, fun way to share what we learn in Faith Ink with the whole family.  To schedule a visit with Pastor Todd, e-mail him at todd@rejoicelutheran.org or talk with him before or after a worship service.

Our Vacation Bible School has a page of its own and Middle School students serve as Jr. Counselors.  Just click here for more information.