Activities of the church bring members together as well as providing fun and entertainment.  Activities strengthen families, and foster unity and personal growth.  Activities strengthen members by giving them a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Rejoice Office Hours
10:00 am- 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday

Rejoice Chancel Choir
First Wednesday Rehearsal for the new school year is at 7 PM on Wed. 8/30. First Sunday Rehearsal is at 10:15 AM on Sunday, 9/3 (Labor Day Weekend). We’d love to have you join our choir. We welcome new members throughout the year. Call Pastor Todd at 972-724-2323 for more details.

Youth Activities
Youth Activities will resume after Labor Day

Worship Helpers
Every piece of the worship service is critical to create the experience we all enjoy! We are looking for a few helpers in the following areas, the more people we have the less work everyone has to do!
Altar Guild – This team prepares the altar (the big table up front) for the worship service by setting up the bread and wine, checking on the candles, and tidying up after the service. One volunteer is needed for each service and it usually only takes about 10-15 minutes before and after the service. We need folks for all 3 services
Sanctuary Arts – This team decorates the sanctuary with different colors as the seasons change. Sometimes this includes several areas but most often it is just the back walls behind the choir and band.
ATTENTION ALL MUSICIANS – (or friends of musicians): Please consider giving back to the Lord your gift of music. The Ascend Praise Band is always looking for assistance in sharing The Message through our gifts. Contact Carl Bergauer if you are interested.
Acolyte Coordinator – This person creates the schedule for all acolytes. This is a behind the scenes, do it at home role and comes with a bones! You get first dibs on dates for your child on the schedule!





Check the event calendar for all scheduled activities.